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I'm Filip Krzyzynski :] Freelancer for

Web Design & Digital Marketing

I help you and your business with an impressive website and effective social media presence.

Web Design <3

You need a website for your business that suits you, looks smart and presents all important information to your potential customers in a structured way? Then you’ve come to the right place. I create your customised website and give it an impressive design.

Ecommerce <3

I have been working in ecommerce and actively selling on the internet since 2017. I know what’s important when selling in your own online shop and I’m happy to help you. With me, you get a low-maintenance online shop that your potential customers will love and that presents your products in the best light!

Social Media & Ads <3

There is nothing better than watching social media ads at work! Whether for more sales, more reach, follower building or interaction – I create effective campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok for your project and help with content marketing for the steady building of organic reach.

About me

Looking for a Remote Freelancer?

My name is Filip Krzyzynski, I’m 30 years old, a digital nomad who commutes between Italy, Germany and Greece, and I’ve been a freelancer in web design and marketing since the end of 2020. Before that, I worked as a design engineer for 5 years and jumped into the creative industry of online marketing due to my self-employment. I work remotely on my client projects and enjoy taking on new challenges. Are you looking for a freelancer for your online project? Then we should get to know each other.


My Expertise

In the last few years I have learned a lot of new skills and have already put them to use in countless projects. Take a look at where my strengths lie and what I can help you with.

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My Project Experience

I have been busy over the last few years and have worked on numerous projects with different goals, requirements and sectors. I am still involved in some of the client projects today, and new projects are added regularly.


What My Clients Say


My Qualification

Developing my skills and learning new ones is an integral part of my freelance career. In addition to hands-on work for clients and on my own projects, I love to access online courses and learn from leading experts in the industry.


Lets talk Business

What is your project? What are your goals? Where do you need help? Let’s clarify it in a short get-to-know-you conversation! I’ll be happy to give you feedback and explain how I can help. Just click on „book an appointment“ or contact me via email, phone or social media.

Filip Krzyzynski Webdesign und Marketing

Filip Krzyzynski
Web Designer & Marketer


Frequently Asked Questions

I focus on web design with WordPress and Elementor Pro, as well as shop development with WooCommerce. My goal is always to convince with first-class design and to guarantee a WOW effect for both my clients and their customers. A beautiful, well thought-out and practical design is the highest priority of my work. I want to present your product or service in the best light.

Many agencies and freelancers offer websites that:

are very simple and rudimentary in design.
are not designed with regard to marketing principles such as AIDA.
do not have a clear CTA.
do not properly represent the brand and values of the company.
do not even observe the principles of SEO.
do not have a responsive design.
are not functional.
are not customisable without programming knowledge.

With me, every client receives a coherent overall product that takes all important aspects into account without compromise. The client can decide whether he/she wants me to maintain the website or whether he/she wants to maintain the website himself/herself. For the latter, I also offer individual training.

You can get a simple website for as little as 1500€. Depending on the complexity and additional functions, such as the online shop, the price for my work increases, of course. Of course, the price also depends on my personal budget.

My clients receive an offer with a clear price after an initial discussion and the definition of their requirements. This offer is sent to the customer by e-mail. Afterwards, the client can calmly decide whether to accept or reject the offer.

During the initial consultation, I need basic information about your constraints.

Which individual pages should the website have?
Is the website a one-pager?
Should there be an online shop?
What is your company’s service or product?
What USPs do you offer?
What do you want the customer to do on your website?
Which colours belong to your brand?
Which logo will go on the website?
What content (image, video and text) should go on the website?
How do you want the website to look to the client?
Are there any references I should follow?

Of course, these are just a few sample questions. When it comes to defining the boundary conditions, countless other questions also play an important role.

Simple websites can be ready within three days. If no adjustments are needed, this website can also go live directly. More complex projects can take several weeks. These include, for example, online shops with many products and categories, extensive blogs or e-learning platforms.

My customers can always decide for themselves whether I or someone else takes over the maintenance. As long as I maintain the website, the Elementor Pro licence remains active.

Yes, of course! I work with WordPress and suitable plugins. All these plugins are intuitive to use and allow later work. It should be noted, however, that I only keep my Elementor Pro licence active for my own work. If another person works on the website, that person also needs such a licence for the extended functions.

Basically, I create my websites without any significant programming effort. I work with industry-leading tools that save me the programming work. For more complex projects, I still use HTML, CSS and the programming languages JavaScript and PHP.

Yes! I create social media ads for the platforms Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. I work very target group oriented and always try to optimise the campaign performance.